Arianna Campbell March 20, 2018

Having a youtube channel about engineering and career advising it really doesn’t make me a better engineering grad student at all right it’s it’s related but it doesn’t make me a better engineering grad student but I really think I was to write a personal statement I could really connect it in in a way that the reader would feel would feel like while the student is like really different he’s really out there to help other engineers and I can see this the student adding a lot of to our campus life so for me even though the YouTube thing the YouTube you’re a generic utilizing stuff is different. Additional info on Edusson.

I think I could tie it into a personal statement and that goes for whatever makes you different and in a positive way of course and it could be a whole lot of a lot of different things you know for example say you like League of Legends right really what most people consider like a really not useful skill but you know you like leave a link into legends so much that you made the League of Legends Club on your campus then you hosted a league of Legends tournament at your school and then you know you did all these stuff to raelia to League of Legends eventually if you if you are a leader in that community there is a way to tie it in to whatever you’re applying to your personal statement and make it look good as long as you’re you’re you’re the entrepreneur.

You the leader is really what they’re looking for and also being different in a good way all right and then number five this is like probably most important one it’s being honest you know a lot of people over here you’re going to have holes that show up in your in your transcript and the best thing to do is being very explicitly honest like saying you know you know I understand like this quarter and whatever fall 2011 is looks is really bad you know this is what was going on in my life and that’s not an excuse but no from that from that experience from that ball when that bad quarter this is what I learned and you know I’ve improved since and it’s it’s good see a lot of whole thing that you should that you should just sound like.

Try to sound like you’re perfect in your personal statement but the problem is that every single other person the thousands then 99 the 9900 uh personal statements before you although everyone try to sound perfect but the reader knows you’re not perfect right and the readers  ing tired party on the you know the 99th paper of the day he’s  ing tired of you know students bullshitting trying to sound perfect right he wants once to say you’re what I  ed up this part of my life or I could have done this better but I learned from it and to be very honest.