Arianna Campbell March 31, 2018

Imagine the sound of a lion roaring in the distance as the Sun sets over the African savannah okay so in this case you really you take the reader there with you and suddenly the reader can see the Sun setting but here the the sound of the line and their interest is they want to know what you’re doing there they want to know what you saw they want to know what the Lions doing so you do these are effective ways to grab the reader’s attention let’s look at example two looking out of the silently staring faces in the audience I tried to calm my nerves so maybe here you’ve just won an award and you’re facing an auditorium full of people and they’re all looking at you and you’re nervous and this is the first time you’ve given a speech and you end up writing about that again this this image really grabs the reader’s attention.

Let’s go forward so another very common way to attract the reader is by using a quote so obviously you want to especially when you’re talking about five six paragraph essays you want to use someone that is famous that’s someone that the reader knows who the person is so you don’t want to quote your next-door neighbor ideally you want to quote someone that the average person knows so let’s look at example one according to Steve Jobs Travel has a way of broadening a person’s perspective so you lead off with this quote from Steve Jobs who most of the world knows and then and then you might talk about a trip you had where you learned you learned some things from the trip it it broaden your mind change the way you thought about life and you got this from travel and here this quote really opens that up for you let’s look at another one example two Albert Einstein said anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything okay again.

So maybe here you had an embarrassing mistake or you you suffered from from a mistake that you made but in the end maybe you learned from that mistake and here this quotation has a way of opening the reader up to that story and and they want to know what your mistake was when they when they see this quotation they want to read about it they want to know what you did and maybe how you recovered from it so your two interesting ways to sort of interesting examples to use quotations as a hook for your personal narrative or narrative essays okay another form is is using facts and statistics to open up the essay and usually you might you know use some interesting numbers or some interesting ideas to really grab ahold of the reader’s attention example one every year six point eight million people visit the Eiffel Tower okay six point eight million people that’s a lot of people it’s kind of surprising when the reader first reads it and so this might open the reader up to your trip to Paris or your trip around France.